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Ambiomatic II

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The Ambiomatic II is an imaginary instrument, inspired by musique concrète composers of the 20th century, who used brief sections of audio recorded onto magnetic tape and infinitely looped. By varying the playback speed of the tape, interesting effects could be achieved.

This Kontakt instrument contains three heavily processed samples from an electric guitar, a sitar, a set of percussion chimes and a cheap children's synth keyboard.

The sounds are arranged into three columns, and across three separate sections of the piano keyboard. The green section (C-1 to B0) is the guitar. Blue (C1 to B3) is the Sitar. Red (C4 to B5) is the chimes, named FROGS in the UI because it sounds like a chorus of our little amphibian friends. Each section has individual pan and gain controls, as well as a filter to subtly affect the timbre of the sound, and a “tape speed” knob to simulate turning the varispeed dial of our imaginary tape recorder.

There are also controls that affect the overall output, including the Tone, Saturation (SAT.), Attack and Release times of the samples, and a simulated Leslie rotator (ROT.).

This instrument aims to create mellow atmospheric music. It can be fun to play live, by assigning MIDI controllers to the various knobs, or by manipulating with automation in your DAW.

Note that the FULL VERSION of Kontakt 6.7.1 or above is required.
You will get a ZIP (32MB) file