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Rattle 'n' Shake

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This library contains five percussion instruments, which can be "shaken" by tapping your finger on the keyboard. Pressing the key down simulates moving the hand in one direction, and lifting the key the other. For some players, this will hopefully feel more organic and intuitive than having to wrangle a step sequencer or find a pre-defined percussion loop that fits the music. It’s very easy to program in a DAW too!

The instruments are tambourine, wooden maraca, a set of house keys, a jar of plastic beads, and a small set of jingle bells. The shakers are velocity-sensitive and a hard hit 120-127 will produce a single strike without a follow-up release. You can also simulate a quick, “flourishing” rattle by holding down the note a semi-tone above, and use the mod wheel to increase it’s intensity. And to help them sit in a mix, each of the shakers can be individually tuned.

Note that the FULL VERSION of Kontakt 6.7.1 or above is required.
You will get a ZIP (5MB) file