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Seven Cees Piano

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This old family upright piano dates to the late 1800s, claims to be made in Germany, and bears the name “Mignon”. The Mignon was a popular domestic sing-along piano in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. A professional piano tuner recently declared the piano now beyond tuning, so we sampled the dear old thing for nostalgia's sake, repairing the tuning as much as possible along the way. We skipped the keys that were really nasty, but did manage to get a library with seven C notes.

The Kontakt sample instrument allows you to play the piano straight, with controls to tweak the overall tone and mic saturation. Beyond that, you can bathe the whole thing in reverb, and tape-like echo, dial in some creaks from its cast-iron bowels, and deliberately de-tune the keys. You can also adjust the attack for an eerie pad effect, or add some "auto-tinkle" to the keys for fun.

Note that the FULL VERSION of Kontakt 6.7.1 or above is required.
You will get a ZIP (39MB) file